Online Golf Lessons

Hello there! I am Guy Cross, a PGA professional golfer and coach. It is needless to say that playing golf is not just my passion but also a way of life. My students will certainly vouch for that. I play events and offer the best golf coaching that money can buy!

Currently I am offering the following services online:

Unlimited online lessons for one low monthly fee.
• One off golf swing reviews from videos sent by students.
• Live golf lessons by video call.
• My unique coaching drills in an easy to use PDF format.

On a daily basis I lead private golf classes to students that range from diplomats and businessmen to young elementary and high school students. I am also working with more than one player preparing for PGA Tour Qualifying Tournaments (Q-Schools) across the world.

I coach golfers of all ages and abilities to makes sure that they can still have fun whilst taking the game seriously. The definition of a good result varies from one student to another but I’ve been excited to share in the celebrations when a student hits another golf milestone.

I am a PGA certified professional golfer and have been playing and coaching for 20 years. For a small monthly fee, I give students complete access to me via cell-phone text messaging so that they have a coach by their side at all times.

I lead my students with tried and tested practice drills, tips to lower scores and also offer nutritional advice among other aspects to improve their game. In the last month alone, over half of my students have beaten their personal best scores and have set new records for themselves.

1. Unlimited online golf lessons, access to the exclusive and secret group chat costs just $25 per month. Use the subscribe button below to join the my favourite group of golfers in the world!

2. A one of golf swing review and follow up Question and Answer session costs just $10.

3. A 30 minute live video lesson costs $30.

4. Access to my coaching drills in PDF format costs $25.