Single Length Irons – My First Impressions  Part 2

After placing my order and waiting like a 5-year-old with a loose tooth for the day to arrive my new irons finally came

I picked them up and made my way to where I practice, an indoor facility with some nice launch monitors (iGolf, Panama City). I grabbed the GW and started hitting shots.

I was expecting a long slow learning curve but balls were flying high, straight and about the right distance from the get-go! Balls were hitting (virtual) greens, landing softly and spinning back – WIN! The distance was about the same as my old 52, I was expecting to pick up a few yards with my short irons but wasn’t. I really didn’t care, the clubs felt great and balls flew straight.

Next up, I obviously pulled the 4 iron. I made some swings and balls were still flying straight but maybe 5-10 yards shorter than previously. I was expecting this, but I wasn’t getting the pay-off of more length with my short irons. I was still happy, my 4 irons were straight and at a consistent distance, I’ve got enough golf experience to use what I have to score well.

After a brief 40 minute session, I had to leave, knowing I had a reasonably big game the next day. I was the guest of the director of a local country club, playing 18 to discuss some coaching/business ideas.Cobra Forged One Irons - Impact Golf - Latin America's #1 English Language Golf Blog

In short, that game went well. I struggled to know how far the irons flew but as I got closer to having them dialled in I started knocking down some pins. In 12 holes on a decent course, playing from the tips I made 3 birdies – but there were some doubles too!

In summary, I loved the new clubs, I knew they were right for me but I also knew I had work to do to understand this mega change to my game.

I will share some moe about the changes I am still making to my game.  The changes are small but the impact is huge!

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Author: Guy Cross

Guy Cross runs Impact Golf, the website and the company. He's been playing golf since he was 12 and turned pro when he was 16. He loves to chat golf, get in touch on Instagram @impactgolfnet or email

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