Single Length Irons – My First Impressions Part 1

I was really lucky to have a chance toGuy Cross WITB 2017 - Impact Golf Latin America's #1 English Language Golf Blog get my hands on a set of Cobra KING One irons before they hit the shops here in Panama but I wanted to address my concerns on some points before I pulled the trigger!

Firstly I wanted to see how the PW and GW looked. These are two of my scoring clubs, my course management is often based around laying-up to my favourite shots with these wedges (that’s a tip you can to the bank dear reader). It was weird standing further away from the ball with my longer wedges, but they looked ok.

Cobra King One Forged - Impact Golf Latin America's #1 English Language Golf Blog Secondly, I needed to look at the 4 iron. This was the weirdest thing, it’s just so short, but I hated my existing 4 iron so I wasn’t too worried that it would perform worse.

I also REALLY liked the thicker grips, straight off the bat I was sold! I had been Mr Standard for a long time, but now I’m switching into plus size grips on all my clubs!

This post follows on from another, explaining why I chose to play Single Length Irons.  Click here to read it.

To read about my first on course experiences please wait for more in part 2.


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