Top 5: Which Panama Hat for Golf ?

Lots of people like to wear a Panama hat for golf because they are awesome and I live in Panama.  This amazing country is famous this type of headgear and they have been used by golfers to keep the sun off their heads whilst looking cool for years!  Men and women can wear a Panama on the golf course in any weather.  Let get people talking about this modern classic once again.  Here are my top 5:

Tumi Panama 

Tumi Panama Hat for golfThis is the classic Panama hat for golf isn’t it beautiful?  Timeless cool available in more than one colour!

Classic Panama for Women

Ladies Panama hat for golf

One of the best things about the Panama is lady golfers can enjoy them too!  Again this one comes in a range of colours.  Click on the picture to see what styles you can get!

Millya Kids Panama Golf 

Panama hat for kidsI am not certain its fair to post this link, your kids are going to look too cute in this.  Various colours and sizes available.  Click on the picture to check them out.

HEY HEY Rollable Panama Hat

 This is an awesome idea which makes this hat the best panama hat for golf, you can roll this up and store it for what you need it!  How Perfect!  Click on the picture of the hat and its tube to find out more.

Panama Hat for Golf

This is a simple elegant piece that claims to be crushable, lets just put this out there….. it is as cheap as chips and if you just want to buy something fun that won’t break the bank this is the one to go for!  Click on the funky beast now to see what the bargain price is.

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