How Often Should I Upgrade My Golf Clubs?

How Often Should I Upgrade My Golf Clubs? Asked another student on the range this morning. I think this is one of the questions I get asked the most by students or amateurs who I get the chance to play with.

I love getting new golf stuff, left to my own devices I’d honestly have a warehouse full of clubs simply to look at! I say that because ultimately, you probably don’t NEED new golf clubs right now but I understand that you WANT some new golf clubs.

If you want some new sticks, don’t make me justify your decision for you.  Head to the pro shop and spend some money, heck I’ll even come with you so I can ogle some gear while you distract the commission hungry assistants!

You only need new clubs if what’s in your bag right now is limiting the quality of your game to the extent you’re not enjoying golf like you could be.  Here’s my definitive answers to the question How Often Should I Upgrade My Golf Clubs?

If your clubs are:

  1. Damaged, then find a good repair workshop and get them fixed. Almost everything is replaceable and a good workshop will always have some used pieces around to help you out at a knock-down price.
  2. Badly fitted, you could find a local fitter to have a look at your swing and your clubs to see if anything can be changed. Having the loft and lie of your clubs tweaked doesn’t cost much and can make a big difference. Shaft length can also be altered cheaply and can also have a big impact on your game. If you feel like the shafts in your clubs aren’t helping you out try some of your buddies clubs before spending big money.  A pro shop will usually have a used section that you can rummage through and demo and I think this is a great way of working out what you like for yourself.
  3. Worn out, then think about changing the grips or the grooves sharpened up.  Personally I’d be one of those guys who changed grips weekly of time allowed, a fresh grip really makes me keen to put a good swing on the ball.

How Often Should I Upgrade My Golf Clubs?Everyone gets bored of their clubs now and again, and more honestly most of us spend too much time checking out what our favourite PGA pros are using  and that only ever leads to gear envy!

(Google WITB 2017 if you need a fix, and then the frequency you ask yourself the question “How Often Should I Upgrade My Golf Clubs” changes drastically)

If you’re desperate for something new but don’t want to go all-out right now, change your grips, it’s relatively cheap and makes and old clubs feel much newer. Consider this too, I’ve picked up some fun vintage (but playable) clubs simply when I’ve wanted a new addition to my arsenal. Ask your local pro if he has any cool old clubs for you to look at (but beware asking a retailer How Often Should I Upgrade My Golf Clubs for obvious reasons!) most club pros have a few sticks in the used section that bring back fond memories, maybe even some they’ve used themselves (if she/he brings out a Wilson Whale, wooden head x-stiff or stiff fire stick shaft please drop me a line!).

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