10 Tips for Hosting a US Masters Party in 2019

The tradition of hosting a party to celebrate the final day of the US Masters in Augusta is long and as American as the tournament itself. Stemming from the great Superbowl parties, Masters parties have become a highlight of many a golfing calendar! Here’s some ideas to help you host your own Masters party!!!

1. Drinks. Every party needs a few drinks provided by the host, even if he/she asks folks to bring their own! Personally I think a lite beer is a great go to especially for a party that’s likely to go on 5 hours or more! I’d also add in a themed punch, maybe something to do with this year’s favorite player, last year’s winner or even the venue itself! How about some alcoholic iced tea or some Tiger beer?

2. Food. An army marches on its stomach and in the same way no host wants their guests to miss out on the golf and the fun because they headed out to buy pizza! Like with the beer I like to offer my guests something light so that they can enjoy lots of it without worrying or getting too full. Something themed around the tournament would be Pimento Cheese Sandwiches but if you want extra kudos from your guests check out what the previous year’s champion has ordered for the famous past champions dinner.

3. Colors. The wonderful US Masters is one of the few golf tournaments with a color scheme. The it’s simple too green and yellow! The more green and yellow you can get into your party the better! As host you’d definitely be allowed to sport a Green Jacket, again extra kudos if you can find a replica of a real green jacket!

4. The Golf. Not everyone who comes to your party will be golf nerds, let’s be honest nobody wants to go to a party of golf nerds unless you want to hear “actually the 2018 TP5 ball used by Dustin Johnson last year gave a few hundred extra rpm from inside 125, so I knew that wouldn’t roll back into the water” all night long (use that line if your with real geeks, it will set them talking!). For the normal golf fan why not print out some information about the wonderful and famous Augusta National golf course. Here, look, I’ve Googled these for you!

5. Drinking games. Of your guests want to roll into work on the Monday following the game looking worse than the rough left of 18 (just beyond the bunker) this is one of many drinking games created for the evening.

6. Gamble. Golf is actually fun to wager a few coins on. Especially in a face-face, live context. As host why not set up a few bets like “I bet you 25c that he holes this putt” and see who bites!

7.Clothes. I touched on this idea before but it is worth elaborating on. Suggest your guests come dressed as Professional Golfers. This can mean in something close to golf year or in full tour-pro attire (all, golfing, clothes from the same brand, extra logos from sponsors, cap/visor). Added kudos if someone comes as a particular tour-pro and/or Master Champion.

8. Lingo Bingo! As the evening wares on hopefully your guys will be into the game and starting to join in with the commentators! Why not add a forfeit twist for anyone who uses golf jargon, terms like ‘he laid up’, ‘that shot was so traj-ee’ or even (my favorite) shouting ‘get up/get down’ at a golf ball flying through the air, on TV!

9. Down to the last… This tournament is famous for last minute turns of fate. This makes it spectacular viewing. Make sure, as host, you know who each of your guests is rooting for. That way you can help them get involved!

10. Mashed Potatoes. This is my #10 because I’m British and I don’t really endorse this type of behavior at a golf event. A while back some guy used to shout “mashed potatoes” whenever he saw someone hit a shot at a televised golf event. That way his family and friends could smile and know that “their guy” was nearby. So listen out for people shouting stupid stuff, or even get your guests to compete for the stupidest thing to say when someone hits a ball.

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