Review: Cobra F7 Driver and F7+ Driver

Last month I had the pleasure of testing both of these amazing golf clubs.  I am a huge fan of the Cobra / Puma product line and so this was a golden opportunity for me to be one of the first people in my country to test out some slick new golf clubs! I couldn’t be more excited to review the Cobra F7 Driver and F7+ Driver!

As a professional golfer I get to hit quite a lot of different sticks, and ultimately I know performance is a lot to do with personal preference.  Of course I generalise and there are leaps in technology and all golfers would be wise to use them to their advantage.

The Cobra line have been a favourite of mine ever since Greg Norman and later John Daly bagged a crazy looking driver with a white head and a red shaft (okay, so now that’s normal, but we are talking about the 1990s!).  Cobra’s colour schemes are still creative, but its the clubs we are really interested in.  Cobra F7 Driver with Accos Connect Cobra F7+ Driver with Accos Connect Cobra F7+ Driver Review Cobra F7+ Driver Review

I was at a testing day with a lot of other local professionals from around Panama City.  We had a chance to hit all of the clubs from the F7 line up and I am going to give you the overall outcome right now.  We all loved the F7+.  I tried the F7 first and thought it was a nice driver, I hadn’t had a chance to look at launch monitor numbers at that point but I was happy enough with the feel and the distance of my drives.  After testing the fairway woods I was handed an F7+ in blue (which looks awesome, but my colour will always be black).

I found the F7+’ compact head more appealing to my eye I so I when I hit it I was excited to see the low launch also translated into a few more yards (for me ) than I was getting from the F7.  The sound of the ball on the club face made me happy.  The solid feel of the strike was so satisfying, I was a little out of practice coming into the day and I did enjoy using a club that made even my bad swings feel okay…  The stock Fujikura shaft seems nice and lively too, for a the first time in a while I would consider keeping the stock shaft.. although I would obviously check out the range of shafts Cobra offer.

Here is the big deal for me, and this also means a lot to you (especially if you’re a low handicap golfer).  Each of the 15 professionals on site chose the F7+ as their favourite.  Non of us had a reason to do that, in fact I am sure it frustrated the Cobra staff there.  The normal F7 is a nice club, there is nothing wrong with it – I certainly recommend it as an option to all of my friends and golf students but for me the F7+ was a gorgeous club that delivered prime results.


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