Good Warm Up Drills for Golf (that you’ll actually do!)

good warm up drills for golfFinding some good warm up drills for golf can be really difficult.

I have really struggled because of 2 things.

  1.  I am too lazy to warm up!
  2. When I’m not too lazy I don’t have enough time!

So here are my super simple and relatable warm up drills for golf than even I manage to do, sometimes.  Firstly I like to cheat at my warm up.  The Orange Whip Best Warm up Tool for GolfI use this amazing tool from Orange Whip to make it easy and fun.  This means I can spend just 5 minutes swings the big whip around and it really makes a difference to how much my body hurts after a game and also how low my scores are!  The Orange Whip tool is an essential part of my bag, so much so that right now its one of my Hottest Items In Golf Right now.  It definitely is one of my good warm up drills for golf, that I actually do.

Secondly a tried and tested and one of my long time favourite good warm up drills for golf is simple, but it requires time and effort both of which are often lacking for a 7am tee time.  On the range I get 20 golf balls and do this:

  1. Chose an easy target, maybe 70 yards away.
  2. With my pitching wedge I stand as if I am going to make a full swing, but I only make enough of a swing to hit the ball to the target.  I try to just make a short version of my full swing, not a pitch shot swing.
  3. Once I have hit 20 nice shots towards the 1st target I choose another about 120 yards away and repeat the process with an 8iron.

This process helps with getting the feel for my swing on a particular day and it helps me fine tune the details of my shots.  Even with the wedge I am looking for baby-fades to be showing, once I get the ball moving how I like it to, I switch up to the 8iron.  Enjoy my 2 best good warm up drills for golf.

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