Why I Chose Single Length Irons

I am one of those guys who has taken the plunge and chosen to use single length irons for my everyday golf obession!  I have chosen the Cobra Forged One Length Irons because I’m a huge fan of Cobra and have been since the 1990s!

I’m going to use my blog to document my single length experience and this is the first post in the process, to explain why I made the choice.

Simply, as soon as I heard of Bryson DeChambeau and his Edel Golf clubs (which were made specifically for him while he was still playing college golf) I understood the logic and the science and wanted in!  Cobra were the first mainstream guys to take the plunge and release clubs although Edel and Tom Wishon’s Sterling have also released irons, Cobra were the ones I chose.

The simple fact is that I am a range monkey and I will happily spend 2 hours hitting the same shot over and over again, the single length method means that what I learn in such a session should translate easily to the rest of my game!

Over the coming weeks I am going to write, or link to articles that explain the science and ideas behind single length golf, answer some questions and share experiences from any of the other guys I come across online (or in real life) who are using single length irons.

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