WGC Mexico: Forced Fun in the Sun

I truly love golf as anyone who reads this blog already knows. I love playing golf and I love watching the best golfers in the world take on each other in beautiful places and hit golf shots that are ‘stupid good’.

Right now round 2 of the 2019 WGC in Mexico is well underway and I’m struggling to engage with it. I really want to get involved but I’m just not passionate about the WGC series. The events feel contrived, just like when they call The Players the Fifth Major it just reeks of PR. tiger woods eagle wgc mexico 2019

The worlds best golfers, from each of the main tours around the world get together, basically, four times a year at the major championships. We don’t need a fifth major and therefore we don’t need a WGC series.

I prefer the majestic history of the Los Angeles Open (now the Genesis) at Riviera, heck I even enjoy the Sanderson Farms more, because those events feel like they mean more to the legacy of the game and to the locations they are played in.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I am just too old and cynical.

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