PGA TOUR Golf Tournaments Between November and March are boring.

I’ve just finished “watching” Tiger Woods play at the World Golf Championship. For me its hard to use words other than disappointed, frustrated and howtheheckdidheactually4putt to describe how I feel. You know, really, I’m wrong to feel anything about this event. Because PGA Tour events in February aren’t very important. The important games start with The Players Championship and Finish with the Tour Championship, those in-between are just fillers to keep “season long” sponsors happy.

These WGC events are simply the Monday qualifying tournaments for majors like The Masters. That’s why in the same way we get to see some crazy names each year at Augusta we get to see those names at WGC events, well we would if we actually watched them. The top players from Asia only come to the WGC events to make sure that their ranking points are bumped up by their near attendance at the game. That is literally why those event have a huge weighting when it comes to world ranking points, if it didn’t nobody would make the trip! It’s circular, no?


So looking back, I’m not actually stressed at the performance of some of my favourite players this week. Do I care if Rory Mcillroy drops a shot at a major on a Thursday morning? No! So, in the same way, do I care if he has a ropey weekend at a tour event in February? Hell no!

These events early in the year are over hyped and marketed simply to keep sponsors happy, in reality nobody outside of those salaried by the golf industry should care too much about them!

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